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NEF Small Grants Program
Application Forms

Proposal for the Spring Grant Cycle will be due Monday, April 8th, 2013.

If you are interested in applying for a Small Grant, please review the Small Grants Program for information about NEF funding guidelines and the application process. Please also see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

To apply for a grant: Applicants must complete and submit a Small Grants Application Form. Please use the link below to download, print and complete the Small Grants Application form. Please make sure that all required signatures have been obtained. You may submit supporting relevant material, but only if it would be helpful in evaluating your proposal.

Small Grant Application Form

Please follow the grant proposal guidelines carefully, answer ALL of the questions and obtain required signatures. Incomplete proposals cannot be considered. 

To submit your completed application to NEF: Send 12 copies of your proposal to the School Superintendent's office, 212 Main St. (We recommend that you use interschool mail or hand deliver your proposal - otherwise make sure you have used enough postage.)


Last Updated: May 26, 2009